We have been doing monthly hackathons privately at CloudAnswers all year and would like to make our latest one a public one in the spirit of hacking.

Coding open source

We love coding and making new things. The reality is that you can’t build everything alone, so you end up depending on npm modules, code you find via google and github, blog posts, python packages, ruby gems, etc. You always want to give back but don’t always have the time in the head of the moment to do so, so this time we’re trying to do just that - getting open source code out into the world.

All the code in this contest must be open source. You might be concerned that you can’t sell your app or build a business on open source code - but that is not true. Look at Redhat, SugarCRM, Reddit, and you’ll see that a service is not the lines of code, it’s the trust you build with your customers.

Who is putting this thing on?

We are CloudAnswers, a Salesforce/Heroku consulting company which started in Boston but is globally distributed via a team of work-from-home coders who love building apps for companies.