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This is how it happened...

We are a consulting and app development company (you can find us at cloudanswers.com ) which focuses on Salesforce.com, Heroku and AWS. Our team is globally dispersed and everyone works from home or their local co-working center of choice.

Last year we were doing internal exercises to figure out our passion and two things came up over and over:

  1. Inventing / thinking out of the box

  2. Open Source

At the beginning of 2018 we started holding monthly hackathons internally. We were amazed at the results, and it gave us a great opportunity to try new technologies and think through the common issues our customers are facing. We started inviting people to join as judges and then later as team members. We always kept the rules to: 24 hours only, judging at the end, must share your code with the team. At the end of our last hackathon we were discussing how we build some fun stuff but most of it never sees the light of day - so we should open source it. That’s how this happened…

The judging panel is made up of Salesforce community members, including several MVPs. We wanted to ensure that we had unbiased parties evaluating our hackathons, so we invited people who know the ecosystem and aren’t afraid to judge honestly. The participate page has more details about what the judges are looking for.

We hope you enjoy hacking with us this month and hope to do this a lot going forward.

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